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Geisinger Media Tip Sheet

Story ideas and photo opportunities for November

Contact: Wendy Wilson, Vice President, Corporate Communications, 570-703-7807,

Dark stories of black lungs: Consider this: Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in the U.S. It causes more deaths than the next three most common forms of cancer combined (colon, breast and pancreatic). And this year, an estimated 159,260 Americans are expected to die from lung cancer, accounting for about 27 percent of all cancer deaths. During Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November, it's time to give attention to the most deadly cancer, which is also one of the most preventable.

No more blowing smoke: Believe it or not, even with all we know about the harmful effects of smoking, nearly 42 million Americans still smoke - that's almost one in five adults. And nearly 16 million people smoke tobacco in cigars or pipes in U.S. These statistics are what fuel The Great American Smokeout on Thursday, Nov. 20 - a day established as a proposed first day in the quitting journey for tobacco smokers everywhere.

Prematurity proactivity: Take a second to absorb this statistic: over the past 25 years, the premature birth rate in the United States has risen 36 percent. That - along with the 500,000 premature births in the U.S. each year - is why March of Dimes launched Prematurity Awareness, which begins on Nov. 1. Geisinger experts can explain why more babies are being born earlier, what they're doing to combat it and why the final weeks of pregnancy are so incredibly vital to a child's development.

Making sense of migraines: For someone who has never experienced a migraine, it can be difficult to comprehend just how debilitating they can be. Migraines are more than just strong headaches; they're chronic neurological disorders. To put it in perspective, the World Health Organization has migraines ranked among the top 20 most common reasons for disability. In general, little is known about the cause of migraines, but treatment is getting better. From lifestyle changes, new drugs and even headbands for patients to wear, migraine sufferers are beginning to find the sought-after relief they've been longing for.

One third of one every 67 seconds: What if you were told that there is a disease plaguing more than 5 million Americans, a disease that is diagnosed every 67 seconds in the United States, that the medical community knows very little about? Well, such a disease exists: Alzheimer's. But new groundbreaking research on the topic may prevent about a third of our country's Alzheimer's cases. A study from the University of Cambridge found that an unlucky seven treatable risk factors can be directly linked to one third of all diagnosed Alzheimer's disease cases. It's information that has Geisinger neurologists and doctors everywhere abuzz with a long awaited development in the field of Alzheimer's.

Keeping an eye on your eyes: A day in the life of a diabetic can be a labor-intensive process. You're checking your blood sugar, monitoring your feet, watching the texture of nails and sticking to a strict diet. Adding to the laundry list of complications to be on the lookout for are your eyes - which can develop several sight-limiting conditions due to diabetes. During Diabetes Awareness Month in November, Geisinger ophthalmologists have all the tips to help you avoid these problems and see them before you're seeing nothing at all.