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Call button: If you need help or have questions about your care, a handy call button on your bedside is provided. A nurse will respond as quickly as possible.

Room temperature: If your room is too hot or too cold, tell your nurse, and we’ll adjust the room temperature.

Environmental services: If you have questions about the condition of your room, please alert Environmental Services at extension 7732.

Television: Use the remote control on your bed to access the free TV service, adjust the sound and change channels. If you have a question, please call extension 7731. If your room is equipped with VHS or DVD players, turn to channel 3 to use it. Your nurse can answer questions about the TV remote or help you borrow a film.

Telephone service: All rooms are equipped with a telephone. To use:
Free local call
• dial 9 + seven-digit number
Long-distance call
• dial 0 to reach the hospital operator who will connect you to the proper service
Calling card
• dial 9 + 0 and follow your phone carrier’s instructions to dial
Debit card
• dial 9 + 0 and follow the instructions on the debit card
• debit cards may be purchased at the gift shop in the Main Lobby.
Collect call
• dial 9 + 0 + ten-digit number (including area code)

Your phone number: If your family and friends want to call you, ask them to dial the phone number that is assigned to your room when you are admitted, or they can dial 570-808-7300 and ask to be connected to your room number.

Laptops and cell phones: Before using laptop computers, personal music devices or cellular phones, please ask, since regulations vary throughout the hospital.

However, Geisinger does offer complimentary wireless Internet access to help you stay connected. To get wireless Internet access on your personal wireless device (laptop, PDA), please ask your nurse to give you the current username and passcode. Please note that the physical security of your personal device is your responsibility.

Valuables: Please don’t bring cash, credit cards and jewelry with you to the hospital. If it’s unavoidable, request that valuables be stored in the hospital safe.

Dentures, eyewear and hearing aids: If you wear dentures or a partial dental plate, please ask your nurse for a denture cup. Please do not wrap dentures in tissue paper. Other personal items such as eyeglasses, contact lenses and hearing aids should be placed in the top drawer of your nightstand when they aren’t being used.

Personal appliances: You may use electrical appliances including razors, hair dryers and heating pads, as well as most battery-operated appliances. Please leave personal TVs, electric radios, stereo equipment, curling irons or two-way radios at home.

Language interpreter: Interpreters are available on a telephone service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To arrange this service, please contact your nurse.

Smoking policy: As part of our commitment to good health, Geisinger Wyoming Valley is smoke-free and prohibits smoking in rooms, the lobby and any other premises of the hospital. For information on how to quit using tobacco products, please call the Pennsylvania Quitline toll-free at 877-724-1090.