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Medications: Tell your nurse about all medications you are taking, including over-the-counter drugs and vitamins or other nutritional supplements.

Ask for help: To avoid falling, slipping or straining yourself, ask for help in getting out of bed or a wheelchair. Our nursing staff provides this service to all of our patients.

Rapid Response Team (RRT): RRTs are on-call groups of critical care specialists who bring swift interventional care to a patient in the event of rapid physical decline. Family members, visitors, employees, and even patients themselves can summon an RRT if an adverse change in a patient’s condition is noticed.

  • To activate an RRT: Dial “0” on any hospital phone and say “Rapid Response Team” to “(patient’s name)” at “(room number)”
  • Warning signs: Difficulty breathing, slurred speech, confusion or agitation, chest pain, or changes in heart rate or blood pressure.

Colors of Safety: Color-coded wristbands are available for patients with high priority health issues. These alert staff, family and other caregivers to your special needs to ensure the safest healthcare possible. The color codes are:

  • Beige/Tan: Communication Barrier
  • Green: Latex Allergy
  • Orange: Anti-Coagulation Therapy
  • Pink: Limb Alert
  • Purple: Do Not Resuscitate
  • Red: Allergy
  • Yellow: Fall Risk

Please notify your nurse if you fall under any of the above risk categories.