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Safety and Security

Smoking policy

Geisinger cares about your good health, and because of the known illnesses and health complications directly attributed to smoking, smoking is not permitted within the medical center. We encourage patients who do smoke to use this opportunity to give up this lifestyle habit.


Special regulations are in effect in areas where patients are receiving oxygen. Electrically-operated equipment and aerosol products such as electric razors and hair spray are not permitted in these areas. Absolutely no smoking is permitted.

Electrical safety

Personal electrical items are not allowed in patient rooms. These items include, but are not limited to, hair dryers, curling irons, televisions, radios, CD/cassette players and razors. Ask the nursing staff if it is appropriate for you to use battery-operated devices.

Fire drills

For your protection, the medical center conducts fire and disaster drills regularly. If a drill occurs while you are here, please remain in your room and do not be alarmed. The medical center is a fire-resistant building and the staff is trained in fire protection. Wait for a staff member to escort or direct you to a safe area, if necessary.

Valuable or lost items

Patients are asked not to bring items of value to the medical center. If you do, you should request that they be placed in the Admissions Office safe. You will be given a receipt for all items which must be presented when you withdraw them.

The medical center does not accept responsibility for items of value unless they are deposited in the safe. If you lose something, please notify the nursing staff immediately. We will make every effort to help you recover the missing item. Unclaimed articles are turned into security where they are kept for 30 days. To inquire about lost articles, please call the Security Office at (570) 826-7756.

If you wear dentures or a hearing aid, ask the nurse for a plastic holder to place them in when not in use. Please do not wrap dentures, hearing aids, or other valuables in tissues or napkins or place them on your food tray. Keep your personal items in the drawer when not in use.

During the night

Please stay in bed after you have been prepared for the night. Strange surroundings and sleeping medications may create a hazard if you get out of bed. For assistance, please use your call button.