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Admission and Your Hospital Stay

Insurance cards

We will need a copy of your identification cards. We also may need the insurance forms which are supplied by your employer or insurance company directly to the hospital. All patients should familiarize themselves with terms and requirements of their insurance coverage.

In the case of an emergency situation where you are admitted without your cards, it is important for your family to bring them to Admissions thereafter as soon as possible. This will help prevent billing problems/delays post-discharge.

Identification bracelet

An identification bracelet will be placed on your wrist when you are admitted. It is important that this bracelet be worn throughout your hospitals stay until you are officially discharged.


Please give the nursing staff a list of all medications--both prescription and non-prescription--you are taking as well as the dosages and times. Your nurse will review this information with your physician to determine which medications you should take during your hospital stay. Your nurse will bring your medications to you. Please do not take any medications unless they are given to you by your nurse as they may interfere or interact with medicines or tests prescribed for your treatment

Advanced directives/living wills

In Pennsylvania, competent adults have the right to decide whether to accept, reject or discontinue medical care. If you have an advanced directive, it is important to bring it with you to the medical center so a copy can be placed in your chart during your stay. If you do not have an advanced directive already drafted and would like to draft one at this time, the medical center will provide you with information and assist you in creating an advanced directive. Ask your nurse for assistance or call the patient representative at extension 1019.