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Patient Satisfaction and Quality Measures

The Patient and Family Advisory Councils regularly review Geisinger's patient satisfaction reports and clinical quality metrics. This helps council members see where they might be able to make a positive impact.

Geisinger measures patient satisfaction and clinical quality to better understand the successes and challenges happening throughout the system; to highlight areas where we can improve; and see how we compare to other hospitals around the country.

Patient Satisfaction: Geisinger uses an outside company, Press Ganey, to conduct surveys to measure patients' perspectives on the care and service they received. Learn more about Patient Satisfaction.

Quality Measures: Data is collected from patient records and converted into rates or percentages that show how well a hospital cares for its patients. Learn more about Quality Measures.

Have you received a survey?

If you've been a patient at a Geisinger facility, you may have received a patient survey afterward in the mail from Press Ganey regarding the care you received. If you filled it out openly and honestly and sent it back in, you've already made a significant contribution toward the Patient and Family Advisory Council's mission of improving the patient experience. Thank you! Your feedback helps us make a difference in your care.