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Career Profiles

Career Profiles

This list is not inclusive, but provides a sample of career areas and corresponding job titles available with Geisinger.

Administrative Support

Administrative support positions help optimize the use of the healthcare leaderships' time and resources. Some jobs support business operations and some support clinical operations. Work schedules are primarily day shifts, Monday through Friday. The amount of previous administrative secretary experience required will depend on the level of the administrative position. Secretary requires the lowest level of previous experience while executive assistant requires the highest level of previous experience.

Job titles: secretary, administrative secretary, administrative assistant, senior (sr.) administrative assistant, associate executive assistant and executive assistant

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Clinical Innovation

Geisinger's Clinical Innovation & Process Transformation Teams facilitate change to achieve transformational results at the program level and grow multi-project initiatives that typically involve multiple components of the organization. Sharing accountability with clinical and operational leaders, the goal is to improve quality and efficiency throughout the system. The team develops work plans for discrete projects and multi-project initiatives and manages the work to meet project milestones through task management, consistent follow through, relationship management and creative organizational problem solving.

Job titles: associate innovation analyst, clinical analyst and data coordinator

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Environmental Services (EVS)

Environmental services (EVS) workers provide comprehensive housekeeping services to patients, employees and visitors. The department employees conduct their cleaning responsibilities with the highest standards of quality. Environmental services workers maintain a safe, clean and pleasant atmosphere to all patient, visitor and employee areas. They are proactive and are continuously evaluating, refining and upgrading the quality of care and services provided. Housekeepers, floor techs and support associates-OR are entry-level positions while supervisors and managers for environmental services require the highest level of knowledge and experience.

Job titles: housekeepers, floor techs, support associates-operating room, environmental services supervisor and environmental services manager

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Food Services

Food services staff provides patients, visitors and employees with the highest quality food and service possible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All food services employees are committed to total customer satisfaction and developing long-term relationships with those they serve. Geisinger researches trends in food service to keep ahead of competition and uses technology to maintain growth. Food service workers are entry-level positions while cooks, ambassadors and diet assistants require a higher level of experience. Supervisors and managers working for food services require the highest level of experience.

Job titles: food service workers, cooks, ambassadors, diet assistants, food services supervisor and food services manager

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Lab Medicine

Lab medicine positions support the operations of a clinical laboratory, spanning multiple disciplines such as clinical chemistry, hematology, serologic studies, molecular diagnostic testing, laboratory information systems, and anatomic pathology services. Geisinger Health System lab services are located on the main campuses as well as in many community practice sites. Laboratory positions provide support in multiple roles from the collection of the specimen, transportation, testing, and result delivery.

Job titles: phlebotomist/lab assistant, clerical lab assistant, technical lab assistant, phlebotomy technician, non-technical lab assistant, medical technologist, medical laboratory technician, technical specialist and student phlebotomist/lab assistant

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Research at Geisinger spans multiple disciplines. The two research centers-the Sigfried and Janet Weis Center for Research and the Geisinger Center for Health Research - are home to internationally-renowned investigators with expertise in epidemiology, molecular and cellular biology, rural health, genomics, healthcare information technology, development of new healthcare models and clinical trials management. Research in clinical divisions addresses disease-specific initiatives and provides sites for clinical trials. Major research initiatives include genomic medicine, development of new models of care, epidemiological and effectiveness studies, e-initiatives, and clinical trials.

Job titles: research assistant, research technician and research data support analyst/programmer

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Medical Coding

Medical coding positions require translating clinical data from a patient's health records and assigning appropriate medical codes. The files are then submitted to insurance companies for payment purposes, data collection, research and billing. Medical coder work includes: clinical data collection, billing, reimbursement, research, and quality improvement. Once the information is coded it is then used for clinical decisions, payments, insurance and Medicare reimbursement. All positions require formal education in coding, training in ability to apply medical terminology, and knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Level of coder is based on education level, training, and years of experience.

Job titles: coder apprentice, outpatient coder, inpatient coder and senior coder

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