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Center for Continuing Professional Development

Center for Continuing Professional Development

Procedure for activity development

The first step is to disclose your intent to develop a CPD activity to the CPD office. You can do this in several ways. You can complete the Intent to Develop a CPD Credited Activity (.pdf). It can be submitted through interoffice mail to 13-50 or faxed to extension 15850. The information on the form can also be submitted to the CME office via email at or simply stated verbally to the CME staff by calling extension 16692. Once the CME staff is aware of the activity director's intent to develop an activity, the staff will work with him/her to complete an application for credit and proceed through the other necessary steps of planning and development.

Application for credit

The CPD office will work with activity directors to complete the following application for CPD credit as part of the planning process.

The CPD committee will review your application and provide feedback. The office can assist you in writing objectives and developing your needs assessment. If you have any questions in filling out this form, call the CPD Office at 271-6692. Note also:

  • Programs that follow previously accredited and established formats can be considered for credit up to 7 business days prior to the activity. Urgent needs should be discussed with the CPD Office.
  • Application for credit for novel and/or unique activities should be received 6-8 weeks prior to event for full CPD Committee approval.
  • You will be notified within 7-10 days of approval or denial of your activity.
  • A fact sheet with all the essentials will be sent if the activity is approved.
  • Evaluations and sign-in sheets will be available from the CPD Office if you wish to use the standard forms
  • If your activity is denied, you have the option to meet with members of the CPD Committee to revise your proposal so it meets the standards.

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