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Tuition for the program is $12,000 which is an all inclusive fee that covers books, life support certifications, symposiums and registry examination fee. The only thing not covered is a white lab coat for clinical rotations.


Geisinger’s policy on tuition reimbursement is that a student will not receive a refund of any amount due to withdrawal or dismissal from the cardiovascular technology program.


In the event that a student wishes to withdraw from the school, the following procedure must be followed:

 Student Responsibilities

  • Discuss plans with the director, School of Cardiovascular Technology.
  • Submit letter of withdrawal to the director, School of Cardiovascular Technology.
  • Return Geisinger issued ID badge and key to building.

 Director, School of Cardiovascular Technology Responsibilities

  • Discuss student's intentions to withdraw.
  • Terminate access to Geisinger computer systems (Epic, Groupwise, & Goals).
  • Inform appropriate Department of Cardiology personnel.
  • Conduct Exit Interview and make sure all financial obligations are met.
  • Close student's file, insuring that all documents are completed and accurate.

 Tuition for the Cardiovascular Program is non-refundable regardless of the period of time in attendance.

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