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Bloomsburg Collaborative

Bloomsburg Exceptionalities Program
The Master of Science in Exceptionalities is for professionals who are not currently teaching in the special education field, but who work in a support group (nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, counselors, etc.) and wish to expand their knowledge and develop new skills for working with the exceptional person.

Bloomsburg Internship Opportunity
The internship will provide training and experience with job coaching to assist students from the Danville Area High School Life Skills class as they begin to transition to the world of work.

Candidates chosen for this internship will follow all GMC guidelines and will procure clearances and appropriate application documentation through GMC. This will include medical clearances to be provided by GMC. It should be noted that the newest policies for GMC include a test for nicotine, so all candidates should be non-smokers or become non-smokers as much as one month prior to application for the internship.

The candidate will:
♦ Interact with and coach students from the Danville Area High School with significant disabilities in a variety of settings (GMC, Hackey House, High School).
♦ Work with the internship coordinator for Geisinger to learn about each job available and create task analyses at the Medical Center for the student with disabilities
♦ Attend orientation to train in the area of job coaching skills as a means to successfully assist individuals with disabilities in their transition from high school to life after high school including job skills, life skills, and job related social skills
♦ Demonstrate coaching skills with students with disabilities
The candidate will develop a portoflio including the following information:
♦ Document (provide anecdotal notes) and complete trial runs of the job and/or job related tasks involved in each job available at GMC for the student with disabilities
♦ Create a task analysis for each task related to each job available at GMC for the student with disabilities; create any other needed supports (e.g., signs, folder activities, mock activities, etc.)
♦ Document work (journal) with one or two students from the high school to train them on sequences or tasks of each job available at GMC for the student with disabilities in both the Hackey House and GMC settings
♦ Provide plans which describe scaffolded supports provided for each student as they train for each job available at GMC for the student with disabilities; this will include scaffolded supports which will be faded/withdrawn as soon as the student is able to successfully attend to the job independently (minimum of three plans)
♦ Document and provide progress monitoring and overall assessment (pre/post) of the progress of each student for each job available at GMC for the student with disabilities
♦ Maintain a log of their work with the internship coordinator from Geisinger on any other tasks that are deemed appropriate for the transition of the student with disabilities to an independent volunteer for various programs throughout the Geisinger Medical Center.
self-evaluate candidate progress throughout the experience