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Geisinger Collaborative Opportunity Program

Geisinger Collaborative Education Project

A career skills program with Danville High School's Transition Program, Bloomsburg University and Geisinger's Office of Community Affairs & Clinical Services Programming to assist students with learning, physical, mental and emotional disabilities.

Utilizing best practices and working with the local high school, university and community organizations, Geisinger's Office of Community Affairs & Clinical Services Programming plans to implement a co-op program assisting students with disabilities. These positions will encourage skill sets that students can utilize to create much needed assets in the local community workforce.

Danville High School Transition students will be working within participating Geisinger Departments to expand and learn pertinent and transferable employment skills. Intern students will be assisting the Danville Transition students by providing them with support and guidance in their employment process. The Interns will be overseen by a social work supervisor, who will assist with case management and portfolio work. The intern students will be receiving guidance and support from department managers and staff, Danville high school staff, job coaches and other department rotation support.

Geisinger Community Affairs & Clinical Services Programming
Geisinger's Internship Office works directly with students identifying interests and encouraging recruitment. We assist professional staff from Geisinger departments to create positions and utilize interns properly in relation with educational goals. We outreach to local universities during career and intern fairs, as well as forge relationships with necessary university career personnel. In addition, we offer educational opportunities for interns regarding job and soft skills.

Danville High School Transition Program
The Transition program assists every child within the Danville High School who has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Within the Transition Program there are three sub-divisions: Learning Disabilities, Emotional Support and Life Skills. The overarching goals for students vary, depending on the individual student and his or her needs. Some goals include: obtaining employment; attending a trade school, a 2-year or a 4 year-college; and for some just independent living skills