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STEM Career Exploration

Geisinger is excited to launch a new program for high school students increasing awareness of science, technology, engineering, and mathematic careers available in a health system and assist with leadership development.


Why is STEM important?

→Lots of jobs in STEM
→Lack of competitiveness in global market
→Baby boomers retiring
→Increasing local talent

Why STEM Career Exploration?

→Shadowing is often not allowed in hospitals
→Inform students about current employment/internship opportunities available
→Help find, increase and keep local talent
→Increase leadership skills
→Forge connections with the community

Format of program

→Two days/month (except December): Total of 15 sessions through the school year
→Topics determined by student interest and innovations in the field of STEM
→Activities and group processes to increase critical thinking and group skills

What types of leadership activities will occur?

Resume & cover letter writing, interviewing, networking, online presence, communication, soft skills, critical thinking, professional etiquette and dress for success, diversity, inclusion, etc.
We will try to incorporate all of these within every session, in addition to individualized topics being covered.

STEM Shadowing Event

This college-focused program seeks to increase the number of students going into the healthcare field with degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.
Students will have the opportunity to:
¤ Network with local professionals
¤ Learn about innovations in the fields of STEM healthcare
¤ Expand knowledge base on numerous careers and employment opportunities
¤ Enhance their own professional etiquette and resume skills to apply for future internships or employment at Geisinger

This program is offered on a yearly basis, during Summer sessions. Please contact the University Relations Coordinator with your resume if you are interested in being contacted for future sessions.