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Geisinger Non-Clinical Internship Program

Integrating Knowledge and Experience

Geisinger Interns

An internship is an experience during which a student works for an employer for a specific period of time in order to learn about an occupation or career field. Internships provide an excellent opportunity to apply what you have learned in the classroom and gain real-world experience while sharpening your skills. Some internships can be directly related to a students major, or interest, while some provide students an opportunity to learn about other employment opportunities. All inernships are paid.

An externship is an experience during which a student works in a Geisinger department or clinic to learn about an occupation. Externs are required by their schools to complete a pre-set curriculum and number of hours. Externships are open to students who have been approved by their schools to complete externship hours, and are enrolled in the program of study/curriculum specified in the externship position listing. Most externships are unpaid, since they are specifically created to meet the needs of a student's curriculum.

Visit the intern/extern job board for all active postings: Internship Opportunities

Don't forget our Work Study positions for students who qualify for work study & live within the five county region!

For more information on our Child Life Internship Program, please follow this link.

Thank you for your interest in the Geisinger Internship Program.