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Geisinger Intern's Testimonials

Lincoln Davidson
Lincoln Davidson
Davidson College
Internship: Community Engagement

I worked as a Health Information Technology Outreach Intern for the Keystone Beacon Community project during summer 2012. In this position, I worked as a liaison between the IT and community aspects of the Beacon project, enabling and informing community members about the resources available to them and providing IT developers with feedback from the community. Specifically, this involved creating outreach materials, attending outreach events and speaking with members of the community, and meeting with IT developers.

The hardest part of the internship was, first, getting up to speed with and finding my place in a project that had already been going on for a long time before I arrived and would continue for a long time after I left. This required me to spend a lot of time just listening, researching, and reading, trying to gain an understanding a complex project that stands at the intersection of two industries I had absolutely no experience with (health care and information technology) and an activity that I had conducted before, but never in a professional capacity (community outreach). At the beginning, the sheer amount of information involved in this could be a little overwhelming. Over time, however, I gradually made sense of it all.

The second hardest part of the internship, then, was figuring out how to frame and present a project that I had just spent a considerable amount of time and effort understanding in a way that would be instantly intuitive to anyone, of any age, of any background, with any level of understanding of health care and information technology. This was definitely a valuable, mind-stretching activity, and working with my supervisor and fellow intern was truly a rewarding experience.

If I had any advice for prospective interns, it would be to remember that everyone knows you really don’t know what’s going on your first week or two, and that, overall, you’re there to learn. Remembering this, don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something: your supervisor knows that, while half of an internship is about working, the other half is about gaining experience, and is there to help you with that.

Wen Feng
Wen Feng
School: University of Memphis
Internship: Henry Hood Center for Health Research

My internship in Geisinger Health System started in May, 2012 and lasted three months.  I worked primarily on Biostatistical analysis to support the investigators and physicians on their biomedical investigations.    

The working environment is one of the most attractive sides of the Geisinger.    During the three months of my internship, I had the opportunities to work with lots of intelligent people and they were all eager to offer their help from the beginning of my internship.    Throughout this internship, I was able to directly apply the knowledge I learned in classroom to real world situations while having the freedom to expand on other areas of interest.  

The Geisinger internship program was everything I expected.     The program provided useful Intern Education Sessions like resume and cover letter writing, networking and interviewing skills, and leadership seminars.   Those events were extremely helpful for me in the future.    The members of internship program team were passionate about their job and they genuinely care about our future success by sharing their experience and knowledge to help us start our professional journey. I will always appreciate the guidance and support I received from the program.

Overall, working in Geisinger as an intern was both a challenging and inspiring experience.   I have learned a great deal and I believe those experiences, and the new skills I developed here at Geisinger will be very helpful for me in my future work and in life in general.

Lauren Lavelle
School: Kings College, MHA Program
Internship: Geisinger Health Plan, Sales

My internship experience with Geisinger Health Plan began in November 2012 at the Sales Call Center in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. As an MHA candidate and early careerist, my ambitions for this opportunity involved obtaining a holistic understanding of our current health care system through the integral third-party payer system. My experience at the Call Center encompassed a wide spectrum of opportunities, including sales, customer service, quote processing and broker services.

At the time when I began my experience, many of the sales processes were undergoing both functional and operational changes and although I had just joined the team, my contributions to these process improvements were very positively received. I was trained to be a member of the Triage team, which processes new small group applications, acting as a liaison between Sales Representatives or brokers and the Underwriting Department.

Two months into my internship with GHP I was offered a Flex Representative position where I continued my experience for an additional seven months. During this time I primarily worked with the Broker Department; processing quotes and assigning leads to sales representatives and account executives. This allowed for me to act as a pivotal piece of the sales operation by fostering growth in multi-faceted communications between both internal and external players.

The timing of my internship also coincided with a historical period for the US healthcare system and more specifically for the health insurance industry; health care reform. One of the most advantageous phases of my experience with GHP stemmed from first-hand exposure to the implementation of The Affordable Care Act. Because implementation of the ACA involved so many moving parts, enactment was a challenge for every aspect of the industry. During this time, I was asked to work in conjunction with GHP’s marketing department as well as the VP of Marketing and Sales to develop a training manual for sales staff to utilize in their role as the ‘trusted advisor’ to the public. This opportunity allowed me to develop connections and communication across departments as well as with upper management while at the same time becoming well-informed on pressing current events within the industry. Eventually, many of the documents I produced, in conjunction with competitive analyses were developed into GHP’s recently launched health care reform webpage. { }

Upon completion of my graduate program, I accepted a position as a Clinical Reporting Analyst in the Clinical Informatics department within GHP. The opportunities provided for me during my internship experience with the health plan have undoubtedly fostered the growth and development of my future career. I would highly recommend any student interested in the health care field to take advantage of any and every opportunity available to them through the Geisinger Internship Program. It will allow you to obtain a wide range of knowledge of the industry from the inside, out -while also fostering networking and career development. I am very thankful to all of my coworkers, management and mentors who made my internship experience such a positive one!

Jehan Momin
Jehan Momin
School: Bucknell University
Internship: The House of Care

When I saw that my university offered an internship based Sociology source at Geisinger Medical Center, I jumped at the opportunity.  As an aspiring doctor, I knew any experience in my local healthcare community would be invaluable, so I immediately applied.  Once selected, I was eager to begin my internship, although I was unsure of the work my field site would actually entail and the research project I would undertake.  The University Relations Specialist at Geisinger, Donna Laroya, who also acted as a second professor for this course, placed me at a field site that perfectly matched the interests I shared in my application. I eventually found that she could not have found me a better place to spend my semester. After several e-mails between my professor and my actual field site manager, Michelle Smith, the date was set for me to have my first visit to the House of Care. When the day came, I wore an acceptable business outfit and gathered a binder solely dedicated to my future project at the House of Care.  (The House of Care is a home that offers lodging to adult cancer patients and their families, while the patient is undergoing treatments at Geisinger. For more information:

I found with immense relief that my field supervisor, Michelle Smith, was one of the most amiable, helpful, and knowledgeable people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  With continued visits, I also found that I not only had a superb mentor in Michelle, but also a great friend. Throughout my internship, she remained patient and eagerly answered all of my questions.  I urge all interns at Geisinger to ask many questions during their experience because this is a learning experience, and I found that the people you will work with truly want you to reach your full potential. 

Once Michelle and I came up with the idea to create a Wall of Hope for the cancer patients, I started interviewing willing patients at the House of Care using an semi-structured approach. My supervisor was so helpful and flexible during the process. With every step she addressed all my concerns. 

My project turned out to be a success. But there are a few major reasons why.  Firstly, the employees and staff at Geisinger are a tremendous resource to you.  I urge all interns to use them.  Secondly, as an intern I was granted a great opportunity to come up with my own project entirely.  It is important that every expectation and deadline I set during the project was met and frequently exceeded. No one is there to tell you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.  As an intern it is your responsibility, and you must be aware of this in order to develop good relationships with the people you work with and eventually, end up with a successful internship.  As an intern, you decide how meaningful and impactful the work you do is.  I think this is the biggest piece of advice I could give to any future intern at Geisinger.

I am so very grateful to all the people I was able to learn from during my internship at Geisinger Medical Center, and I hope that all interns are able to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience as well.

Ann Mooney
School: Bloomsburg University
Internship: Community Affairs and Clinical Service Programming
Intership Title: University Relations Intern

I cannot be more delighted or grateful for my internship experience here at Geisinger Health System. I was fortunate enough to be selected to spend the last semester of college earning both university credits and instrumental knowledge in the Community Affairs and Clinical Services Programming Department as the University Relations Intern under the supervision of Donna Laroya, MSW and Tracey Wolfe, MHA. It would be nearly impossible for me to put a price tag on the experience or outcome. This opportunity for me was life altering.

Previous to this internship I had a strong background in philanthropic work, however no real world office experience. Being an adult student I felt as though I was “behind the 8-ball” in regards to education and know-how in an office setting. The application process and the systematic onboarding procedure that took place truly exemplified the importance of the role and the grandiosity of the opportunity. I knew that this was my chance to prove myself as a valuable asset not only to the community but also Geisinger Health System.

During my internship I worked on a number of notable programs. Not only did I work alongside Universities to support my supervisor in the development of the department and other educational opportunities here at GHS, but I was also allowed to partially develop my own curriculum. Thinking outside the box, and of possible Graduate routes, I was granted permission to shadow, interview and research other prospects outside of the department. I had the chance to shadow an Administrator of the Neurology department, sit in on departmental meetings with physicians, witness medical procedures, and meet with the VP of Government Relations amongst many other exciting experiences.

Daily work was more challenging than expected. On day one I was asked to lead other interns in team building, discussion and debriefing with only a forty-five minute notice. I had to prep meeting itineraries and also visual aids to be used for the meeting. I knew then that the experience was going to be fast-paced, challenging and just what I needed to become prepared for a career. The internship was always stimulating and no day was ever the same. One day I would be doing in-depth research on programming and the next day I could be working with students with disabilities or be leading intern-education classes on professionalism, networking, and resume writing. There was never a dull day.

Ultimately, when the internship was coming to a conclusion I started applying for jobs within the system. I knew I did not want to work anywhere else. The caliber of people I was surrounded with inspired me to not only to want to work alongside of them but also inspired me to return to school for a Master’s degree. Great things are happening here at GHS. I am honored to be a part of it and I have the internship to thank.