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Nursing at Geisinger Health System

Education Assistance

Tuition Reimbursement for Formal Education

Reimbursements will be 85% of the course tuition up to the tuition cap (per employee). The tuition cap for job-related undergraduate and graduate courses varies each year.

Reimbursement allowances are available for non-job career development that will provide skills or competencies related to hard-to-recruit positions needed within Geisinger Health System. Decisions regarding hard-to-recruit status will be made by the Tuition Assistance Coordinator. Reimbursements will be 50% of the course tuition up to 50% of the annual cap established for non-job-related courses.

Tuition Support for Nursing Continuing Education Courses

Each unit budgets financial support for attendance of direct care-givers at continuing education conferences. In addition, many opportunities for in-service and continuing education courses are offered by Geisinger.

Registered Nurse Endowment Eligibility Guidelines

The Endowment provides monies annually to eligible registered nurses who provide direct patient care within Geisinger Health System to maintain certification/registration requirements for his/her job. The endowment monies may be used for certification/registration fees, dues, and continuing educational credit hours.