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Nursing at Geisinger Medical Center

Professional Practice Model

Nursng Conceptual Model of Care
The patient is at the center of everything we do! Our view of nursing, person, environment, and health affects how we interact with patients.

Our model of caring is based on Sister Callista Roy's Theory of Adaptation and Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring.

The conceptual framework guide us through the nursing process. We help the patient and family adapt to their state of health and we do so with the unique human-to-human interaction consistent with nursing.

The conceptual framework provides the structure to achieve the Geisinger Nursing vision of securing the legacy, quality, innovation and market growth. This will ensure success in achieving the organization's mission of Heal, Teach, Discover, and Serve.

Nursing Professional Practice Model at Geisinger Medical Center

The Nursing Professional Practice Model was developed using a conceptual framework and incorporating the vision and mission to provide guidance for nursing processes and practice at Geisinger Medical Center.