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Nursing at Geisinger Medical Center

Inpatient Surgical Nursing

Image of a Surgical CRNP

Surgical care nurses provide a safe, sterile environment and coordinate care across the disciplines that will continue patient care following surgery.

These nurses also play the role of patient advocate for pain management and personal needs during the patients post surgical care.


  • Number of beds: pre-op & 19 post-op
  • Nurse to patient ratio: 1:2
  • Type of patients: Pre/Post op surgical patients of all ages and acuity
  • Clinical make-up: RNs, nursing aides, unit desk clerks, CEPs, and a clinical nurse educator    
  • Shift availability: 10-hour shifts, 8 and 12-hour shifts
  • Programs/councils:Advisory Council, Time Council

Operations Manager: Mary Jane Tloczynski, RN, BSN, CPAN

I&O Surgery

  • Number of beds: 15 per-op and 20 post-op, additionally 10 bed pediatric unit
  • Nurse to patient Ratio: 1:2, 2:1 for 10 bed pediatric unit 
  • Type of patients: Pre-op and post-op surgical patients of all ages will be discharged same day 
  • Clinical make-up: RNs, nursing aides, unit desk clerks, and a clinical nurse educator    
  • Shift availability: 8 and 10-hour shifts
  • Programs/councils: Advisory Council, Time Council

Operations Manager: Mary Jane Tloczynski, RN, BSN, CPAN


  • Number of beds:27
  • Nurse to patient ratio: 1:1
  • Type of patients: surgical patients all ages
  • Clnical make-up: RNs, nursing assistants, surgical technicians, unit desk clerks, team coordinators, pod coordinator and 2 clinical nurse educators    
  • Shift availability:8-hour shifts, 10-hour shifts, 12-hour shifts
  • Specialties: CTS/Pediatrics, Urology/GYN - Robotic Surgery, General Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Transplant, Ortho/Neuro - Brain Lab Technology, Plastics/ENT/Eye/Vascular/Oral Surgery, and Endovascular procedures.
  • Programs/councils: OR Advisory Council, OR Work Group, Surgical Suite Relations Committee, Surgical Suite Performance Improvement (PI), Time Scheduling Committee, Policy & Procedure Committees

Operations Manager: Ann Kulick, RN BSN, CNOR

Surgical Operations Director: Cindy Bird, RN, BSN