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Nursing at Geisnger Medical Center

Women's Nursing

Nurse feeding infant

This OB unit takes care of both high risk and healthy moms from outpatient visits to the inpatient stay. 

Assessment of mom and baby, with continuing education to the family, these nurses work with a team of doctors with medications, monitors and assessment skills to prepare for the best delivery possible.

The Childbirth Center, Inpatient  

  • Number of Beds: 25
  • 2 Op rooms for complicated deliveries
  • Fully staffed newborn nursery
  • Nurse to Patient Ratio: varies depending on acuity
  • Type of Patients: OB/GYN
  • Clinical make-up: RNs, LPNs, nurses aides, unit desk clerks, and a clinical nurse educator   
  • Shift availability: 8 and 12-hour shifts
  • Programs/councils: Scheduling Council, Bereavement Council, Breastfeeding Council, PI Council, Satisfaction Council, Education Council, Advisory Council

Operations Manager: Jami Marks, RN, BSN, CBC

Women's Health Outpatient Clinic, Womens Level 2

  • Services offered: OB/GYN, REI, gyn/oncology, urogynecology, maternal fetal medicine
  • Clinical make-up: RNs, LPNs, OB/Gyn assistants, fertility technicians, maternal fetal medicine sonographers, CRNPs, clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse midwife, PAc, residents, fellows, and MDs 
  • Shift availability: 8-hour shifts, 10-hour shifts with a variety of start times
  • Programs/councils: Quality Improvement, NRCC, Nursing Clinical Council, Unit Patient Education Committee, Unit Scheduling Committee, Unit Regulatory Body Readiness Council, Best Practice Committee, and Policy & Procedure Committee.

Women's Health Outpatient Clinic, Susquehanna, Selinsgrove, PA

  • Services offered: OB/GYN,
  • Clinical make-up: RN, LPN, and a CRNP
  • Shift availability: 10-hour shifts
  • Programs/councils: Nursing Service Quality Performance Improvement Council, Healthy Beginnings, Nursing Retention and Reruitment, Professional Nursing Council, Best Practice Council, and Women's Health Advanced Practitioner Workgroup.

Women's Health Outpatient Clinic, Bloomsburg, PA/Berwick, PA

  • Services offered: OB/GYN,
  • Clinical make-up: RN, LPN, CNM, MD
  • Shift availability: 8-hour shifts
  • Programs/councils: Nursing Service Quality Performance Improvement Council.