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Nursing at Geisinger Wyoming Valley

Emergency Nursing

Emergency Nursing

Emergency nursing involves fast assessment skills and response to a wide variety of trauma or illness, and providing care across all ages and cultures.  Assessment, stabilization, intervention, and patient and family education are key ER nurse tools.

Team coordination of care across a multidisciplinary approach with decisiveness in procedures and care.

Emergency Department accredited Level III hospital

  • Number of Beds: 27
  • Classified: Level II
  • Type of Service: Provides emergent and non-emergent medical and nursing care to ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
  • Clinical make-up: RNs, LPNs, nurse aides, and technicians   
  • Shift availability: 8-hour shifts, 8 and 12 hour shifts
  • Programs/Councils unique to unit: unit council