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Nursing at Geisinger Wyoming Valley

Interventional Nursing

Image of a nurse

These nurses provide patients with education and essential care for interventional testing or treatment. Many patients undergo studies which require conscious sedation or IV insertion for contrast radiology studies.

These nurses understand the impact of other body systems that may impact the success of studies or recovery.  Education and safety are essential skills.

Short Stay/Endoscopy 6 East

  • Number of Beds: 17
  • Type of Patients: All patients having surgery or interventional procedures are admitted to Short Stay. Along with OR and interventional radiology, some bladder instillations, IV drug infusions, therapeutic phlebotomies and Lithotripsy (shock wave breaking of kidney stones) are done in the Short Stay Department. Minor Surgery requiring local anesthesia is done in the Minor Surgery Room.
  • Clinical make-up: RNs, LPNs, nursing assistant and a unit secretary

Invasive Cardiac Labs

  • Services offered: diagnostic coronary angiography, diagnostic peripheral vascular angiography, diagnostic electrophysiology, percutaneous coronary intervention, peripheral vascular intervention (including endovascular AAA repair and carotid stenting,) transcatherter RF ablation for tachycardia, permanent pacemaker insertion, and permanent automatic internal cardiac defibrillator
  • Clinical make-up: RNs, radiologic technologists, and a cardiovascular invasive specialist
  • Shift availability: 8-hour shifts, On call assignments, to cover 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year