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Nursing at Geisinger

Mission Statement

The mission of the Nursing Department is to create and sustain a healthy work environment in which nurses excel in patient care, education, research and community service.

Vision Statement

The Nursing Department’s vision is to secure the Geisinger legacy through leadership, quality nursing practice, innovation and market growth. The vision will be actualized by the practice and performance of the nursing councils and nursing constituents to meet the care needs of our patients and communities. Nursing services are instrumental in leading our increased reliability quality processes, securing the legacy in growth and development of our staff, and developing innovative processes to deliver patient care.

Nursing Core Values

  • Professionalism - We are committed to quality patient care through continuous learning and clinical job competence.
  • Teamwork - We pride ourselves in our ability to come together as teams to meet patient care needs. All team members strive together for performance improvement and service excellence.
  • Leadership - We are fortunate to have many resources at our command to guide, direct and create positive outcomes in nursing practice, education, research and service.
  • Securing the Legacy - We are proud of the rich history we have built and are committed to securing the legacy of our future.
  • Market Growth - Pursuit of our mission requires recognition of successful resource management as an essential value to our organization's survival and growth.
  • Caring - We engage in compassionate care and treasure the uniqueness of the nurse-patient relationship.

Nursing Value Statements

  • Promotes a reciprocal, respectful relationship with patients, visitors, colleagues and other members of the health care team.
  • Reflects a professional image in appearance, attitude and behavior.
  • Views the nursing profession as one that embodies the attributes of dedication, selflessness, professional and personal growth, knowledge and empathy.
  • Demonstrates individual accountability in nursing practice that is inclusive of behavior and interactions with patients, colleagues and others in the community, profession and organization.
  • Exhibits leadership characteristics that will influence patient outcomes, work environment and job satisfaction.
  • Practices the "art of nursing," displaying compassionate care for patients and families and supporting colleagues on a daily basis.
  • Values education and evidence-based research to remain current in the scope of practice.
  • Celebrates the uniqueness of the professional nurse-patient relationship.
  • Serves as a patient/family advocate.