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School of Nursing Alumni

logoThe Geisinger Medical Center School of Nursing Alumni Association was founded in 1919 with membersof the first two graduating classes. The association was founded as a part of District 3 Pennsylvania State Nurses Association, which provided RN registration information. The Alumni Association was also responsible for setting the pay scale for nurses who worked primarily as private duty nurses.

Today the association has approximately 2,500 members with more than 800 active members. The association provides opportunities for members to keep in touch with one another through its newsletter and its yearly alumni luncheon. The newsletter contains news, history, and lifestyle changes of interest to the members. The luncheon recognizes anniversary years as well as provides the alumni with the opportunity to meet and reminisce.

School of Nursing

The association provided support to the school through its contributions to the nursing scholarship fund. The members provided monies and assistance to the scholarship fund throughout the year.

Members are dedicated to promoting nursing education and professional opportunities. Professional and educational opportunities for members are also stressed in the educational programs provided by the association. These programs are held in the fall of each year.

The alumni association welcomed the graduation classes to membership each August with a luncheon, a year's free dues and the opportunity to attend the scheduled alumni programs.

Geisinger Medical Center's School of Nursing graduates have made an impact on nursing since the founding of the school. Geisinger graduates can be found throughout Pennsylvania, the United States and worldwide. We can be proud of the recognition of excellence given to the Geisinger nurses.