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Susquehanna County

Susquehanna County Susquehanna County includes superb recreational facilities and has a unique low-tech/high-tech economy where logging and dairy farming blend with high-tech start-ups and work-at-home telecommuters.  Major employers in Susquehanna County include:  Barnes-Kasson County Hospital, Elk Mountain Ski Resort Inc., US Assemblies Hallstead, Montrose Area School District, and Elk Lake School District.* Susquehanna County (population 42,165) was created on February 21, 1810, from part of Luzerne County. Montrose is the county seat. Its name is a combination of "mont," French word for mountain and "rose," for Dr. R. H. Rose, a prominent citizen. Susquehanna County (823 square miles), located in the Northeast corner of the Endless Mountains, covers 535,040 acres of mountainous countryside. The county was named for the North branch of the Susquehanna River, which first enters Pennsylvania in the Northeastern corner of the county, makes a loop and re-enters New York approximately 27 miles to the West. Sixty percent of the county's land area is covered with forest. There are 169 natural water bodies and approximately 225 miles of flowing streams. 

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Chamber of Commerce

  • Montrose Area Chamber of Commerce
    Montrose, PA   18801



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*Employer information provided by Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry.