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Wyoming County

Wyoming County Based around Proctor & Gamble's paper plant, Wyoming County's business climate is excellent.  Major employers in Wyoming County include:  Proctor & Gamble Paper, Tunkhannock Area School District, New England Motor Freight Inc., Tyler Memorial Hospital, and Penns' Best Inc.* Wyoming County (population 28,055, 397 square miles) was created on April 4, 1842, from part of Luzerne County and named for the Wyoming Valley. Wyoming is derived from an Indian word meaning extensive meadows. Tunkhannock, the county seat, was incorporated as a borough on August 8, 1841, and was named for Tunkhannock Creek. The creek's name means small stream. Located in the Northeast corner of Pennsylvania, Wyoming County combines the rural splendor of the Endless Mountains with the beauty of the meandering Susquehanna River, all within easy reach of many metropolitan areas. The recreational opportunities available in Wyoming County are boundless. 

The vast amount of open space and natural scenery has always provided excellent areas for such activities as picnicking, hiking, camping, hunting, horseback riding or snowmobiling. The numerous bodies of water located throughout the county are among the best boating and fishing in Pennsylvania. 

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