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Best Doctors in America 2007-2008

We are pleased to announced that a number of our doctors have been named some of the Best Doctors for 2007-2008:

Thomas P. BalzInternal Medicine(GMC)
Albert M. Bernath Jr.Medical Oncology and Hematology (GMC and GWV)
Joseph E. Bisordi, MD, FACPNephrology (GMC)
James C. Blankenship, MD, FACC, FSCAICardiovascular Disease(GMC)
Glenn Bock, MDPediatric Nephrology
Jesse Robert Burns, MD, FACPPulmonary and Critical Care (GMC and Shamokin Specialty Care)
Greg F. Burke, MD, FACPInternal Medicine(GMC)
David C. Bush, MD, FAAOSHand Surgery (GMC and GMG - Lewiston)
John P. Carlson, MDNeurology (GMC and Shamokin Specialty Care)
Neil M. Ellison, MD, FAAHPMPalliative Medicine (GMC)
Linda M. Famiglio, MD, FAAPPediatric Neurology (GMC and Pocono Pediatric Specialty Services)
Gregory C. Fanelli, MD, FAAOSOrthopaedic Surgery (GMC)
Henry F. Fesniak, MDCardiovascular Disease (GMC and Shamokin Specialty Care)
David E. Fisk, MD, FCCPPulmonary and Critical Care (GMC and Shamokin Specialty Care)
Scott M. Friedenberg, MDNeurology(GMC and GWV)
Jennifer S. Gell, MDReproductive Endocrinology(GMC and GWV)
Mitchell J. Gross, MDNeurology (GMC and GMG - Tunkhannock)
Stuart N. Hoffman, DONeurology (GMC)
Jonathan P. Hosey, MDNeurology(GMC and GWV)
Mark R. Katlic, MD, MMM, FACSThoracic Surgery(GMC, GWV and GMG - Mt. Pocono)
Thomas L. Kennedy, MD, FACSOtolaryngology (GMC and Shamokin Specialty Care)
Paul R. Long, MD, FAADDermatology(GWV)
Frank A. Maffei, MDPediatric Critical Care
Janis F. Maksimak, MDPediatrics(GMC and GMG - Reichart Road)
Andrew P. Matragrano, MDPulmonary and Critical Care Medicine (GMC and GWV)
John W. McBurney, MDNeurology and Sleep Medicine (GSWB, GWV, GMG - Tunkhannock)
Vatche A. Minassian, MDObstetrics and Urogynecology (GMC and GMG - Lycoming)
Mohammed Mohiuddin, MD, FRCR, FACRRadiation Oncology (GWV)
Christen M. Mowad, MDDermatology (GMC and GMG - Selinsgrove)
Eric D. Newman, MDRheumatology (GMC and Shamokin Specialty Care)
Susan L. Paolucci, MDPsychiatry (GMC)
Howard B. Pride, MDDermatology(GMC)
Albert T. Quiery, Jr., MDMedical Oncology and Hematology
Michael L. Ramsey, MDDermatology(GMC)
Jamshid Shirani, MD, FACP, FACC, FAHACardiovascular Disease(GMC)
Christopher D. Still, DOGastroenterology, Bariatric Surgery (GMC, GWV, GMG - Scenery Park)
Randle H. Storm, MD, FACCCardiovascular Disease(GMC, GWV)
Dennis Torretti, MDRhuematology
William B. Tyler III, MDPathology(GMC)
Norma H. Yohai, MDPsychiatry(GMC)