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Electronic Health Record

Geisinger staff produces text on creating online medical records

Electronic Health Record System

Implementing an Electronic Health Record System ( Walker, James M.; Bieber, Eric J.; Richards, Frank; Buckley, Sandra [Eds.]) addresses the range of issues and opportunities that implementing an electronic health records system (EHR) poses for any size of medical organization - from the small one-man operation to a large healthcare system.

The book is divided into sections on preparation, support, implementation and a summary and prospects section, enabling the clinician to define the framework necessary to implement and evaluate a clinically effective EHR system.

With the increasing involvement of clinicians in the day-to-day running of the practice, interest is now focused on EHR as a key area for improving clinical efficiency. This book uniquely provides the guidance a clinical team needs to plan and execute an effective EHR system within any clinical setting. Practical in its scope and coverage, the authors have provided a tool-kit for the medical professional in the often complex field of medical informatics. Designed for senior clinicians, decision-makers and EHR teams, the book is of use to anyone involved in the efficient management of clinical records.

Written for clinicians and clinical directors, administrative healthcare personnel, medical informatics students, this book is available from Springer Science & Business Media.

Chapter listing
Chapter 1 Organizational Climate
     Sandy A. Buckley, Joseph E. Bisordi and Bruce H. Hamory
Chapter 2 Needs Assessment
     Jean A. Adams and Linda M. Culp
Chapter 3 Vendor Selection and Contract Negotiation
     Frank M. Richards
Chapter 4 Infrastructure
     Frank M. Richards
Chapter 5 Workflow Assessment and Redesign
     Jean A. Adams, Linda M. Culp and Janet S. Byron
Chapter 6 Staffing and Managing Implementation Teams
     Jean A. Adams and Linda M. Culp

Chapter 7 Usability
     James M. Walker
Chapter 8 Training
     Wanda L. Krum and Jack D. Latshaw
Chapter 9 Clinical Decision Support
     James M. Walker and Stephen T. Tingley
Chapter 10 Translating Scope of Practice into Effective EHR Workflows
     Janet S. Byron, Edward J. Zych, Tracey W. Wolf and W. Todd Gibson
Chapter 11 System Integration
     Elizabeth A. Boyer, Jean A. Adams and Diane L. Barnes
Chapter 12 Production Support
     Elizabeth A. Boyer and Michael W. Soback
Chapter 13 Managing the Client-Vendor Partnership
     Frank M. Richards

Chapter 14 Phased Implementation
     Linda M. Culp, Jean A. Adams, Janet S. Byron and Elizabeth A. Boyer
Chapter 15 Optimizing Primary-Care Practices
     Ellie E. Henry
Chapter 16 Optimizing Specialty Practices
     Linda M. Culp
Chapter 17 Special-Purpose Software
     James M. Walker and Michael J. Komar
Chapter 18 Optimizing Inpatient Care
     Roy A. Gill and James M. Walker
Chapter 19 Extending EHR Access to Patients
     Kimberly A. Rokita, Joan E. Topper, Michael C. Lampman and David L. Young
Chapter 20 Extending EHR Access to External Physicians
     Joan E. Topper and Kathleen M. Dean

Chapter 21 Summary and Prospect
     James M. Walker

James M. Walker, M.D.
Chief Medical Information Officer
James M. Walker, MD, an internationally recognized leader in the field of healthcare information systems, was the lead editor for the EHR book. He practices internal medicine and serves as the System's Chief Medical Information Officer, with executive responsibility for e-health strategy and multiple clinical information systems, including an integrated outpatient and inpatient EHR, patient access to their EHR, and the formation of a regional healthcare information network.

Jean A. Adams, RN
Director, Information Technology

Diane L. Barnes
Lead Systems Analyst, Information Technology

Eric J. Bieber, MD
Senior Vice President, Chair of OB/GYN; Medical Director, Women's Service Line

Joseph E. Bisordi, MD
Associate Chief Medical Officer

Elizabeth A. Boyer
Program Director, Information Technology

Sandra A. Buckley
Director, Editorial Office

Janet S. Byron, MPH
Lead Systems Analyst, Information Technology

Linda M. Culp
Program Director, Information Technology

Kathleen M. Dean
Associate Vice President, System Marketing

W. Todd Gibson, MHA
Director, Revenue Cycle Operations

Roy A. Gill, MD
Senior Medical Informatician

Bruce H. Hamory, MD
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Ellie E. Henry
Manager of Center for Best Practices

Michael J. Komar, MD
Director, Gastroenterology

Wanda L. Krum
Lead Systems Analyst, Information Technology

Michael C. Lampman
Senior Systems Analyst, Information Technology

Jack D. Latshaw, MAEd
Assistant Director,Technology Education Services

Frank M. Richards
Chief Information Officer

Kimberly A. Rokita, MSRD
Program Director, Information Technology

Michael W. Soback
Director II, Information Technology

Walter F. Stewart, PhD
Director, Center for Health Research & Rural Advocacy

Stephen T. Tingley

Joan E. Topper
Director, eHealth & Performance Improvement

Tracey W. Wolf, MHA
Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs and Center for Health Research & Rural Advocacy

David L.Young
Program Director, Information Technology, Web Services

Edward J. Zych, Esq.
Senior Managing Litigation Counse