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Physician Liaisons

What is a physician liaison?

A physician liaison provides a two-way communication link between Geisinger and the referring physician. Physician Liaison Program staff will keep the referring physician abreast of specialty services, physicians and programs available throughout Geisinger Health System. The liaison can also help by arranging convenient times to meet with our specialists. We want to hear about your office and your patient care needs.

How can Geisinger's physician liaisons help you?

Your physician liaison serves as your personal contact to provide updates, offer expertise or pass along information about issues or concerns that need immediate attention. The information gathered by our liaison staff is used in the evaluation and planning of Geisinger services and programs. Your input is a key component in this strategy.

When should you contact our physician liaisons?

  • Anytime you need more information about Geisinger services or physicians
  • When you would like to meet with one of our specialists
  • When you would like to schedule a Continued Medical Education program in your office or area
  • When you need assistance, information or advice or the right internal expert for a concern
  • When you need assistance scheduling your patient with a Geisinger specialist

For more information, call 570-214-4863 to reach a physician liaison for your office.