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Geisinger Center for Bioethics

A new addition to the Geisinger Health System, the Geisinger Center for Bioethics (GCB) is in the initial stages of its development as the hub of system-based programs and initiatives in clinical and research ethics. Eventually, GCB will have a core staff of individuals engaged full-time in ethics education, service-related functions, and ethics research and scholarship. Along with this core staff, the center aims to affiliate with a corps of investigators, clinicians, and others who have a strong interest in ethics and wish to reflect that interest in a tangible commitment to integrating ethics more fully into their professional pursuits. The center's immediate priorities are:

  • To demonstrate the value of formalized education in ethics in both patient care and research
  • To develop an evidence-based approach to clinical ethics consultation and to begin to track and evaluate the outcomes of consultation
  • To establish solid, collaborative programs of ethics research in genomics as well as advanced illness and end of life care
  • To undertake pilot programs for ethics quality improvement, especially in shared decision making and in advanced illness and end of life care

As the center takes root and begins to grow, these priorities will evolve. Its mission, however, will remain constant: to contribute, in measurable ways, to the advancement of education, research and patient care at Geisinger.