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Geisinger Bioethics

Integrating Bioethics @ Geisinger

Launched as a system-wide initiative in September 2012, Integrating Bioethics @ Geisinger is based on the premise that a systematic, comprehensive approach to bioethics is fundamental, both to improving the quality of patient care throughout the Geisinger Health System and to ensuring the integrity of research. Integrating Bioethics @ Geisinger brings together groups and individuals who are committed to several shared aims:

  • To provide timely, helpful clinical ethics advice and consultation to patients and their families, as well as to the physicians, nurses, and other health professionals who care for them
  • To provide sound advice and consultation to investigators engaged in research and to groups and individuals devoted to research oversight
  • To educate health professionals, biomedical researchers, and the public about ethics in health care and bioscience
  • To develop sound, evidence-based and ethically enlightened policies
  • To identify and prevent systemic ethical problems, in patient care as well as research
  • To improve ethics quality in patient care and research oversight
  • To conduct and promote ethics scholarship and research

With a focus on these aims, Integrating Bioethics @ Geisinger embraces efforts on several related fronts. On one front, the hospital ethics committees throughout the system have embarked on a coordinated process of intensive self-education and strategic planning, with the aim of having a measurable impact on the quality of patient care at Geisinger. On another front, Geisinger's institutional review board has also undertaken an educational process designed to improve its performance of risk assessments, consent reviews, and other oversight responsibilities. On yet a third front, a system-wide ethics advice and consultation service has been established with 24/7 coverage in both the central and northeast regions. And on a fourth and final front, multiple collaborations-with Clinical Innovation, with the Genomic Medicine Institute, with Critical Care Medicine-have been launched to advance the contribution of bioethics to discovery at Geisinger.