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Neuromuscular Disease Clinic

Geisinger has expanded its neuromuscular program to provide a multidisciplinary approach to treating neuromuscular diseases such as peripheral neuropathy and neuropathic pain, myopathies/muscle disease, muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis and ALS.

Geisinger's fellowship-trained physicians partner with nurses, pain management specialists, occupational and physical therapists and nutritionists to develop unique, comprehensive treatment plans for your neuromuscular disease patients.

Our specialists are experts at diagnosing neuromuscular disease with the aid of electrodiagnostic techniques including nerve conduction studies and electromyography (EMG).

You may consider nerve conduction studies and EMG testing for:
Peripheral neuropathies
Complaints of sensory loss or tingling
Pain in a limb
Evaluation for nerve injury or radiculopathies
Carpal tunnel evaluations
Complaints of weakness or fatigue
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Myasthenia gravis evaluation
Herniated discs
Involuntary muscle twitching

ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease and Muscular Dystrophy Clinics

Geisinger's ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease and Muscular Dystrophy Clinics are dedicated to caring for patients and their families who are dealing with the challenges of ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease or Muscular Dystrophy. Our team of specialists works hand in hand with you and your patient to develop a comprehensive care plan unique to each patient.

Care plans include:

  • Physician evaluation
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Assistive devices for communication
  • Nutrition
  • Social services
  • Respiratory support
  • Full support from the ALS Association, Greater Philadelphia Chapter, and MDA

For children with MD, the Janet Weis Children's Hospital is a certified Muscular Dystrophy Association clinic. This association provides access to the latest clinical trials and research, support groups and the acclaimed MDA Summer Camp for kids with MD.

For more information or to refer a patient, call MedLink, Geisinger's physician referral line, at 1.800.332.8901.