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For patients who may have suffered a stroke, it is critically important to have a neurologic examination as soon as possible. Time is brain! In many parts of Pennsylvania, unfortunately, communities do not have adequate neurological expertise. Through telemedicine, a Geisinger neurologist is only minutes away, who can remotely perform the necessary tests to evaluate for stroke, and work with local hospital ED staff to treat the patient accordingly.


Edgar Kenton, MD, Director of Neurology and the Stroke Program at Geisinger, talks about the eNeuro and TeleStroke services offered by Geisinger and how these services benefit patients.

In addition to stroke, many patients require neurologic care for a variety of other conditions, including headache and seizure, but the lack of available neurologists in many community hospitals is a major impediment in providing quality neurological care. Geisinger has addressed this care shortage through development of an eNeuro service that provides telemedicine-based neurology consult services for any type of neurologic evaluation, not just those limited to stroke.

Additionally, Geisinger’s eNeuro service provides continuing clinical education to other healthcare providers through the dissemination of consensus and evidenced-based materials in the field of the neurosciences. Finally, eNeuro serves as a gateway to remote participation with Geisinger in the field of neurologic research through data collection and clinical trials.