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Geisinger Telemedicine

Receive a consultation with a Geisinger specialist without having to travel to a Geisinger hospital

Geisinger Health System is committed to providing the best care possible and keeping care local, so patients can get specialty care close to where they live. The Geisinger Telemedicine Program connects patients who who live in areas that may not typically have access to Geisinger specialists, through two kinds of telemedicine:

  • Live, audio/video consultations - the specialist can see and hear the patient, and the patient can see and hear the physician.
  • Store-and-forward exams - photograph and exam data is captured at the patient site and forwarded to a specialist at another location for review and interpretation.

Geisinger’s Telemedicine Program participates with a number of community hospitals in Western, Central and Eastern Pennsylvania for inpatient and emergency-based telemedicine services. Outpatient telemedicine services are also available at a number of Geisinger community practice clinics. 

The Benefits of eICU Technology

Ken Wood, DO, explains how the eICU helps decrease mortality and length of stay, as well as improve patient satisfaction.

Now offering inpatient telemedicine services at Geisinger Shamokin Area Community Hospital. Click for the brochure (.pdf)

Patient Benefits of Using Telemedicine*

  • Timelier and easier access to world-class specialty care
  • Earlier diagnosis and decision on the optimum care plan
  • Cost savings from not having to travel extensively for specialized services
  • Can remain in their community with family support
  • Confidentiality of specialty examination or visit

*Coverage of telemedicine services varies by insurance company

Provider Benefits of Deploying Telemedicine

  • Gain quicker access to specialty consults for improved clinical decision making
  • Reduce unnecessary transfers
  • Increase quality and efficiency
  • Provide a broader level of care to the local community
  • Enhance clinical staff training and education

Payor Benefits of Covering Telemedicine

  • Reduce costs associated with acute utilization through earlier diagnosis and detection
  • Improve member services
  • Reduce member travel to receive specialty care
  • Improve provider coordination for improved efficiency and cost management 

Insurance companies requesting additional information about Geisinger’s telemedicine program can contact David Friel with third-party contracting at

The American Medical Association has reported that as many as 70 percent of all doctor visits are for information only or for matters that can be handled over the phone. Data shows that more than 36 million Americans have been treated through telemedicine consultations.