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One of the most common applications and oldest forms of telemedicine, Geisinger’s TeleDermatology allows for patients with adverse skin conditions to utilize store-and-forward technology or a live examination or a combination of both. On average, a dermatologist can see up to 36 patients per day in person but when utilizing TeleDermatology, that number can increase to up to 50 cases reviewed per day, decreasing, or eliminating all together, wait times for patients.

Using the store-and-forward method, patients can go to a selected community clinic or hospital near their home, have digital, high-resolution photos taken of the skin site in question, and then have the photos along with other pertinent information transmitted securely to a dermatologist in Danville, who then examines the photos and information and can provide feedback to the physician at the clinic and prescribe treatment or medicine. If necessary, a live video exam can also be conducted.