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TeleEcho, short for a TeleEchocardiogram, enables patients with suspected or confirmed heart diseases to receive a sonogram of the heart from a local location, such as a community clinic or hospital, and then have the results transmitted immediately to a cardiologist at the Geisinger Medical Center for analysis. The cardiologist can then direct the health care professionals at the site of the patient to start immediate treatment in an emergency situation, thereby saving valuable time and further myocardial damage.

Time is the most critical factor during a heart attack, the ability to quickly diagnose and transport a patient post a confirmed heart attack via TeleEcho will preserve heart tissue and improve the quality of life for the patient, particularly for patients coming from remote areas.

 In cases where the TeleEcho proves the episode to be a non-emergency, the service saves patients time and money by having the echocardiogram done closer to home, while still providing the peace of mind that a Geisinger cardiovascular specialist reviewed the case with them remotely. Geisinger’s TeleEcho services are available for both adult and pediatric patients.