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Geisinger Ventures supports biotechnology innovation and translation, enabled by advanced electronic health record connectivity, genetic and proteomic biobanking efforts, and translational research and clinical trials. 

With the successful completion of the human genome project, Geisinger’s challenge is to deliver clinically meaningful results. To that end, Geisinger has established biobanks that harness biological material (blood, tissue, RNA and DNA) and corresponding deep, longitudinal patient medical information from our electronic record. These biobanks are funded internally, and through industry partnerships and federal and state granting programs and include:

  • Cardiac catheterization biobank including biomaterial collected before, during and after cardiac catheterization
  • Obesity biobank including biomaterial collected at regular intervals before, during and after bariatric surgery
  • Obstetrics/gynecology biobank including blood collected at regular intervals during term of pregnancy, and placenta and decidua collected at delivery
  • Primary care biobank of patient blood and tissue samples collected over a wide cross section of diseases
  • Vascular surgery biobank including blood and tissue samples collected from patients before, during and after aortic repair surgery
  • Other banks for retrospective validation and discovery efforts in progress

We continue to use Geisinger’s unique assets to study genetic susceptibility of traditional clinical treatments in the fields of genetics, pharmacogenomics and proteomics. Geisinger is also studying genetic susceptibility of medical devices (Devicomics™) and surgical treatments (Surgicomics™).