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Geisinger Ventures

From the President

Glenn Steele Jr., MD, PhD, President & CEO

Here at Geisinger, we believe so strongly in our technologies and practices and the benefits they offer, that we have launched Geisinger Ventures to bring new healthcare products and services to the marketplace.

Our goal with Geisinger Ventures is to advance Geisinger's core patient care mission in two primary ways:

First, we will create successful for-profit businesses that generate revenue we can reinvest in our clinical programs.

Secondly, we will enable more patients to benefit from proven Geisinger programs and products by making them available on the commercial market.

We are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the people of this region. Part of our responsibility includes development and deployment of new technologies that significantly advance healthcare delivery.

Emerging technologies in electronic health records and the genetics and biotech fields hold great promise for the well-being of our patients, the regional and national business climate, and the future of Geisinger. Geisinger Ventures is the vehicle we will use to deliver on that promise.


Glenn Steele Jr., MD, PhD
President & Chief Executive Officer

Geisinger Health System