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Cardiac Artery Bypass Graft

43 Inspired heart experts redefining heart care

heartProvenCare® improves results

There is a difference in how heart by-pass surgery is delivered. The cardiac experts at Geisinger call that difference ProvenCare. And, it's changing patients' lives for the better. Together, the Geisinger team closely tracks the thousands of heart procedures they perform…so as to continuously adjust and advance patient care.

ProvenCare brochure (.pdf)

That's why our heart surgery patients spend fewer days in intensive care and recover faster. It’s also why our success rates exceed the national average. Now that's peace of mind.

For more information on ProvenCare Heart, call 1-800-327-9921.

Redefining the delivery of heart surgery

At Geisinger, we've always been dedicated to providing the highest quality heart care. And, with ProvenCare, we've taken that commitment one giant step further. The result is an intensive treatment program which assures that the best care is delivered to coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) patients.

Developing ProvenCare-CABG was no easy task. Our cardiology team spent countless hours reassessing how they perform bypass surgery. They examined patient care records. They also researched "best treatment" recommendations from the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association.

Through their research, they developed 40 critical steps that greatly improve the chances of a successful CABG operation and recovery