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A letter from Glenn D. Steele Jr., MD, PhD
President and CEO Geisinger Health System

Thank you for your interest in ProvenCare™ .. At Geisinger, we're very proud of this innovative program. It ensures that every patient who receives procedures included in our ProvenCare portfolio —at any Geisinger or participating non-Geisinger hospital—receives the most consistent, comprehensive and effective care possible. By that, we don't mean just "good care," but care that exceeds national standards.
The media has labeled our program "surgery with a warranty." While no surgical procedure comes with a guarantee, the ProvenCare program is about more than continually providing the highest level of service. It's also about standing firmly behind the care we offer with not just words, but a strong commitment. It’s about being accountable to our patients and their families.
In fact, I am such a firm believer in ProvenCare that I have pledged Geisinger's name and financial well-being to each patient. Geisinger is one of the first in the country to offer such a program. And, I can tell you that ProvenCare is changing the way healthcare is delivered.

ProvenCare has exceeded our expectations and  I am confident it will exceed yours.

Glenn Steele Jr., MD, PhD, CEO