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Geisinger Quality Measures

How to use quality indicators

When you need specialized medical care, your decision should primarily be based upon a doctor’s qualifications and a hospital’s record of success in treating this condition.

A quality measure is a formula that converts medical information from patient records into a rate or percentage that shows how well a hospital cares for its patients. Our quality indicators comparable to those used nationally are considered the best indicators to determine whether or not you receive quality care for your medical condition. The reports linked below reflect 2009 - 2010 data, the most recent available.

To view quality measures, choose a report

The Joint Commission

Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council

Hospital Compare

Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance

Geisinger Health Plan


When using these guides, we recommend you combine information from more than one quality indicator. Consult the other resources that are linked from these pages. Talk to your physician about any concerns regarding quality of care. Some points to consider when making choices about your health care:

  • Quality counts: it can be measured, understood and improved.
  • Find and use reliable health care information.
  • Participate in all decisions about your health care.
  • Ask questions and make sure you understand the answers.
  • See yourself and your healthcare providers as a team. Work together to get the best care.
  • Remember that more is not always better. Understand why a test or treatment is needed and how it can help you.