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Patient Satisfaction

Geisinger-Community Medical Center Patient Satisfaction

Percentiles appear in graphs on the left side of this page. The figures on top or at right trend the scores in three-month periods throughout mid-2013. The bar graphs describe eight primary areas of satiscaction data. The quarterly mean score trend line extends into June 2013 and while incomplete owing to a lower sample size, indicates the direction of the next quarter's scores. Geisinger-Community Medical Center is compared to hospitals that have between 150 and 299 beds and experience 30,000 to 40,000 or more visits to the Emergency Department each year.

G-CMC’s “overall hospital rating” was at the 7th percentile, with all eight domains being below the 40th percentile.

gcmc hcahps 1

gcmc hchaps 2

The G-CMC Emergency Department receded from the 40th to the 9th percentile: