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For Sponsors


Geisinger's Cardiovascular Center for Clinical Studies, or CCCR, collaborates with sponsors to develop and test investigational drugs, devices, diagnostics and treatment therapies. With an extensive staff of coordinators, project managers, and research assistants, the CCCR offers assistance throughout every stage of the clinical trial process. The CCCR staff work with sponsors to determine feasibility and patient populations, negotiate budget terms and conditions, prepare IRB submissions, and conduct trial closure and archiving.

The CCCR offers excellent service and care as well as state-of the art facilities and resources. Specific examples of Geisinger's unique advantages include:

  • Geisinger provides healthcare services to approximately 2.6 million patients residing in 44 of Pennsylvania's 67 counties. Geisinger's patients are uniquely characterized as aging, multi-generational and non-transitory.
  • The patient population serviced by Geisinger is geographically stable, with a migration rate out of the service area of 2%, which is among the lowest in the nation. The population is predominantly rural (80.6% of our coverage area), elderly, low-income, and with higher-than-average incidences of chronic diseases.
  • Geisinger's Electronic Health Record (EHR), which has received numerous awards for technological achievement, allows researchers to apply specific eligibility criteria to nearly three million Geisinger patient records. CCCR effectively utilizes the EHR to identify eligible study patients to provide realistic enrollment estimates and minimize screen fails.
  • The CCCR uses novel methods to identify prospective subjects and to provide them with study information. Recruitment strategies allow the use of opt-in and opt-out choices for patients across Geisinger's entire healthcare region. Opt in allows patients to receive information about studies that might be of interest to them, while opt out allows patients to indicate their preference to not to receive information about studies. Currently under development is the use of MyGeisinger, Geisinger's web-based patient portal, as a recruitment tool for clinical trials.
  • The experience and dedication of CCCR staff, Geisinger's low out-migration rate, and research-friendly population results in excellent retention rates that are significantly above average.

Because collaboration is at the core of Geisinger's research philosophy, the CCCR is involved with interdepartmental projects including endocrinology, cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, pulmonary and critical care. All Geisinger clinical trials are performed under the highest levels of healthcare safety. Geisinger's IRB oversees all research that is conducted at any Geisinger facility.

Phase 3 and 4 clinical trials can be conducted at most care sites within Geisinger Health System, including the main hospital in Danville or within Geisinger's northeastern and central Pennsylvania hospitals and outpatient clinics.

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