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Animal Feeding Operations & MRSA

animal feeding & MRSA

The incidence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in the region has increased dramatically over the past decade, with over 4,000 cases during this period. Recently, community-associated infections (CA-MRSA) have surpassed healthcare-associated infections (HA-MRSA) in incidence. Joan Casey, a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins, completed her PhD dissertation research on this topic. Our research group made several interesting and novel observations which are summarized in three published, peer-reviewed manuscripts. We found: 1) the incidence of CA-MRSA increased by over 30% per year while that of HA_MRSA increased by 5% per year; 2) CA-MRSA cases now exceed HA_MRSA cases; 3) aspects of both the farms on which animals were raised and the crop fields to which manure was applied were associated with increased risk of MRSA infection and 4) certain molecular subtypes not previously associated with these animal operations were associated with human MRSA infections. We are currently investigating whether these animal feeding operations cause other health impacts.


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