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Genomic Medicine Institute

Our mission: Partnering with patients, healthcare providers and researchers worldwide to enhance the quality of life through research, education and clinical care innovation in genomic medicine.

Our vision: To be the leader in the integration of genomics into integrated health care systems.

The Genomic Medicine Institute conducts innovative research in genetics, genomics and family history to enhance the quality of life and improve healthcare value for our patients.

Geisinger Health System, including Geisinger Health Plan, upholds the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) of 2009 in employment and in insurability and ensures that genetic information is not used in a discriminatory way.

The Geisinger Genomic Council encourages the use of reference laboratories that have pledged to contribute past, present and future genomic data including genotype and phenotype to national databases to increase medical knowledge and improve patient care. Data from clinical testing should be made publicly available while respecting patient confidentiality.
- Adopted October 15, 2014