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Clinical Services

Medical genetics looks into the role heredity and genetics play in the development of birth defects, diseases, and inherited susceptibilities to health problems.

Geisinger offers genetic services to individuals of all ages, whether the patient is a newborn with multiple birth defects or an adult with cancer.    


Pediatric Genetics

Our medical geneticist works with genetic counselors to diagnose and manage the care of individuals with genetic conditions.  Reasons for referrals can include:

  • Developmental delay or cognitive disability
  • Multiple malformations
  • Suspected genetic condition
  • Family history of a genetic condition

Contact us
Pam Steele, MS or Molly Boni, MS
Janet Weis Children's Hospital
Phone:  570.214.9196

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Prenatal Genetics

Our prenatal genetic counselors work with Maternal Fetal Medicine to provide counseling before and during pregnancy.  Reasons for referrals can include:

  • A pregnant woman’s age is 35 or older
  • Pregnancy exposures to medications, drugs, alcohol or other potential hazards
  • Abnormal ultrasound or prenatal testing
  • Family history of genetic conditions
  • Multiple pregnancy losses
  • Genetic testing

To schedule an appointment call: 1.800.966.0577

Cancer Genetics

Led by medical oncologists and genetic counselors, Geisinger offers the familial cancer genetics program to help determine risk for cancer. Referrals to this program can include:

  • An individual diagnosed with breast or colon cancer before the age of 50
  • A close relative who tested positive for a cancer gene
  • High-risk family history for cancer.

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