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Jessica Goehringer, MS

Jessica Goehringer, MS, Genetic Counselor
Autism and Developmental Medicine Center
120 Hamm Drive, Suite 2, Lewisburg, PA 17837

Masters of Science in Genetic Counseling
Arcadia University, 1991-2001

Research Focus
Genetics and genomics

Prenatal genetic counseling and prenatal aneuploidy screening, neuromuscular genetics

Research Interests
I am interested in assessing patients’ satisfaction of their genetic and medical care and working toward improving healthcare delivery. In addition, I would like to assess different healthcare delivery models (e.g. group counseling or education sessions, telemedicine) to address the need for more patient education in the realm of genetic conditions and genetic testing, and offering support services.

Recent Publications
Boyden SE, Mahoney LJ, Kawahara G, Myers JA, Mitsuhashi S, Estrella EA, Duncan AR, Dey F, Dechene ET, Blasko-Goehringer JM, Bonnermann CG, Darras BT, Mendell JR, Lidov HG, Nishino I, Beggs AH, Kunkel LM, Kang PB.  Mutations in the satellite cell gene MEGF10 cause a recessive congenital myopathy with minicores.  Neurogenetics.  2012 May;13(2): 115-24.  

Goehringer, JM.  Nemaline Myopathy in Salem Health:  Genetics and Inherited Conditions.  Pasadena:  Salem Press, Inc.  (2010): 893-895.

Pierson CR, Agrawal PB, Blasko J, Beggs AH.  Myofiber size correlates with MTM1 mutation type and outcome in X-  linked myotubular myopathy.  Neuromuscular Disorders.  2007 Jul;17(7):562-568. Epub 2007 May 29.

Kang PB, Kho AT, Sanoudou D, Haslett JN, Dow CP, Han M, Blasko JM, Lidov HG, Beggs AH, Kunkel LM.Variations in gene expression among different types of human skeletal muscle. Muscle Nerve. 2005 Oct;32(4):483-91.

Blasko J.  Genomics and neurology. The fourth pair of articles in a series about the significance of genetic science for  Catholic health care. Health Prog. 2006 Jan-Feb;87(1):62-7.