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Industry Information

demographicsThe Geisinger Obesity Institute has succeeded in integrating a high volume clinical service line, the Center for Nutrition and Weight Management into a productive multidisciplinary clinical and translational research program. The Clinical program has strived for 100% patient consent for clinical research for nine years.

This large-scale consented patient participation in research has facilitated the establishment of a large clinical registry which is integrated with the well-recognized Geisinger electronic health record. The database has facilitated clinical research, advances in patient care, the establishment of a biobanking program, clinical trials, and collaboration with nationally known centers for obesity research.

The use of the electronic health record as a tool for clinical research has been pioneered by the Geisinger Obesity Institute. The tissue biobanking program has facilitated translational research programs, and industry supported research projects.


The Geisinger Obesity Institute is the prototype example of high level collaboration between clinicians in a high volume clinical program and the Weis Center for Research as well as the Center for Health Research.

Contact Information

Obesity Institute
Center for Nutrition and Weight Management
Geisinger Health System
Danville, PA 17822-2111
Phone: (570) 271-6709
Fax: (570) 271-6852