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Interdepartmental Obesity Research


interdepartmental researchResearchers in the Obesity Institute commonly pursue ventures will colleagues from Geisinger's other departments and institutes. Some examples are highlighted below.

The purpose of this study is to describe the prevalence and spectrum of retinopathy in persons with increased BMI. Results of the pre-surgery ocular evaluation and fundus imaging will be used for this study aim.

The study also aims to determine if a change in ETDRS retinopathy grade and/or retinal vascular caliber occurs after bariatric surgery. Results of the pre and post-surgical ocular examination and fundus imaging will be used for this study aim.

Finally, the study intends to evaluate the correlation between baseline retinopathy and various systemic characteristics. Results of the pre-surgery ocular and systemic evaluations will be used for this study aim.

Internal Research Collaborators


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