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Hood Center Projects

Examples of 2008 Henry Hood Projects

Brooke Kehoe, Bloomsburg University
Recruiting for Geisinger’s Center for Health Research
Brooke’s project focused on the staffing and managing a large, academic research facility. After devoting her ten week internship to learning about hiring, recruitment, and interviewing, Brooke focused her final project on a mock interview of research center candidates.

Caitlin Kinsey, University of Virginia
An Independent-Living Plan for Special Education Students
Caitlin’s internship involved developing a feasibility plan for assisting special-education high school students with their transition to independent living. Caitlin explored all the administrative aspects of initiating the program, including creating a sound business plan, the logistics of acquiring institutional funding and training support staff.

Emily Stiener, Bucknell University
Assessment of Illicit Drug Use in Hispanic Youth Using the Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Using a variety of models and data sets, Emily focused her internship on statistical epidemiologic analysis. Hispanic youth behavior survey results were tabulated and graphed to demonstrate trends in substance use, sexual behaviors, eating habits, mental health, and risk taking behaviors. Data was then arranged using a logistic regression model.

Jennifer Binder, Bloomsburg University
My Summer in the Hood
Jennifer’s summer internship involved work with several of the Geisinger’s key genomic research projects including using genomics medicine to predict the risk of abdominal aortic aneurysms in older men, as well as the MyCode initiative, a bio-bank of patient-donated genomic specimens. Jennifer’s internship responsibilities included helping to evaluate patient survey questionnaires and performing literature searches.