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University Affiliations

Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health jointly with the CHR, formed the Environmental Health Institute (EHI). The EHI is housed at the CHR in Danville and is led by co-directors, one from Johns Hopkins and one from the CHR. Dr. Brian Schwartz, professor of Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology , and Medicine, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is a co-Director of the EHI and a visiting investigator at CHR.

Dr. W.F. Stewart, Director of CHR holds a position as an adjunct professor of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The University of Pennsylvania has collaborated with the CHR on a number of projects including: Garden Gang, pharmacogenic response to naltrexone for alcohol dependence, an HPV vaccine study and most recently, a randomized clinical trial of behavioral economic interventions to reduce CVD risk.

Dr. Azadeh Stark holds a position as an adjunct professor in the School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Jason Roy is an assistant professor of Biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania and an adjunct research investigator at the CHR

New York University is collaborating with the CHR on a number of studies. Both institutions have provided the “seed” money to initiate 10 collaborative studies. Already several of these studies have led to NIH proposal submissions and provide the groundwork for future larger projects. Collaborative Studies between NYU and the CHR include: Predicting Congestive Heart Failure Using Causal Analysis of EHR Data, A retrospective study to evaluate the effect of trends in pain management prescribing behaviors in falls and hip fractures in the elderly, Proactive Health Management and Prostate Cancer: Is Managed Care Helpful and Are Genomic Biomarkers Useful in Reducing the Burden of Prostate Cancer?, A Pilot Study of Predictors of Prescription Opioid Dependence Among NYU-Bellevue Hospital Outpatients, Developing the Paradigm for the Science of Health Care Delivery: Application to CVD prevention in Primary Care, Population-based Evaluation of Primary Care Patients with MRSA in Relation to Animal feeding Operations in Pennsylvania, and Expanding Comparative Effectiveness Research in Orthopedics by Capturing Uniform Measures of Patient-Reported Functional Outcomes at Two Institutions.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia collaborates with the CHR on several studies including: the Adolescent Weight Management Study.

CHR maintains many ties with local universities such as Bloomsburg University, Bucknell University, and Susquehanna University, including their collaboration with the River Group. CHR regularly employs interns from these universities on a number of projects.

Bloomsburg University is one of 14 public universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and is located 10 miles from the Geisinger campus in Bloomsburg, PA.  Faculty and students from various programs (health care, sciences, education) participate in research projects at the Center.

Bucknell University is a private, undergraduate university located in Lewisburg, PA and approximately 15 miles from GCHR.  Students and faculty from various departments participate in research conducted at the Center.  The Bucknell engineering department partners with Geisinger investigators and clinicians in the Bucknell University Senior Design program (BUSD). This collaborative educational program matches senior-level engineering students from Bucknell University with a Geisinger physician or research scientist.  Under the expert guidance of the Geisinger mentor, student teams conduct a yearlong engineering design project to address an existing need or problem. 

Susquehanna University is a liberal arts college located 20 miles from the Geisinger campus in Selinsgrove, PA.  Faculty and students from the schools of Arts, Humanities and Communications, and Natural and Social Sciences participate in research projects conducted at the Geisinger Center for Health Research.  

Temple University is working with the CHR on several studies that offer preliminary data for use in larger future projects.

Several CHR investigators hold joint appointments with Temple University including: Dr. Joseph Boscarino who is an adjunct professor, Dept. of Psychiatry,  Dr. Jove Graham is an adjunct professor in the Dept. of Orthopedics,  Dr. Azadeh Stark, Dr. JB Jones, and Dr. Porat Erlich are adjunct professors in the Department of Medicine.