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Office of Industry Relations

The Office of Industry Relations (OIR) of the Geisinger Center for Health Research streamlines access to healthcare solutions and research resources for industry partners in seven core areas of research:

  • Comparative effectiveness, safety
  • Predictive modeling of treatment response, diagnosis, and outcomes
  • Biomarker monitoring and validation
  • Pharmaco epidemiology
  • Pharmaco epigenetics
  • Health services research and health informatics (HIT)
  • Environmental health

The OIR brokers relations between industry and researchers, focusing on research opportunities to bring value to patients and health care.  Geisinger offers a unique combination of resources that lead to innovative approaches to health care, simplify research logistics, reduce time to answering questions, and more generally, offer a collaborative environment to solve complex health care issues using technology, science and clinical acumen.

The OIR works with the top 25 pharmaceutical manufacturers, leading diagnostic producers, and biotech start-ups.

scott taylor, Executive Director, Industry Relationsstream podcast

Click to hear Scott Taylor, RpH, MBA, Executive Director, Industry Relations, explain the advantages of working with the Office of Industry Relations - from access to sophisticated research partnerships to analytical services.




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Office of Industry Relations
Scott Taylor RPh, MBA, Executive Director
Robert Kocher, MBA, Manager
100 N. Academy Avenue
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